Cato Teaching Discovery Mural

The Cato Teaching Discovery Mural is located at the College of Education at UNC Charlotte in honor of teachers and the teaching profession.  The area surrounding this beautiful work of art includes a permanent recognition listing of teachers honored by a gift of $1,000 or more to the Looking Forward campaign.

The mural is designed to be a destination for classrooms and general public visitors, and provides an innovative, unique teaching tool for students of all ages.

We invite you to honor great teachers by making a gift to the College of Education.  The names of those honored teachers will be permanently inscribed upon the Cato Teaching Discovery Mural.  Thus, this work of art will honor the teaching profession, will honor specific teachers who have had a great impact, and will inspire future generations of educators who will walk by the mural every day.

The Cato Teaching Discovery Mural is named in honor of the Cato Corporation, a generous benefactor of the College of Education.